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Leadership Development Survey

RightPeople Surveyor is a brand for our business survey products.

Leadership Development Survey

The RightPeople Leadership Mastery Evaluation Inventory (LMEI) is a 360° performance appraisal tool designed to provide explicit directional feedback on key management competencies; based on whether the individual's actual level is above or below the job's ideal level. The LMEI identifies the competencies a leader or manager needs to act on to improve his or her performance. Moreover the LMEI examines whether more or less of a given competency is required relative to the individual’s current actual level.

PeopleMetrics Surveyor uses statistical modelling to identify the most critical competencies which are identified in a detailed report. Disparities among rater groups (supervisors, etc.) are identified to provide a snapshot of current strengths and needed developmental direction.

The LMEI gathers ratings from multiple supervisors, peers, and subordinates, in addition to self. The system allows an unlimited number of respondents to provide input.

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