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TOEFL Junior® Comprehensive Test Scores


For the TOEFL Junior® Comprehensive test, the Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension sections consist of multiple-choice questions scored by computer. The Speaking and Writing sections are scored by ETS-trained human raters. Please refer to the following scoring guides for a better understanding of the scoring methodology:

Score Reports

The TOEFL Junior Comprehensive score report provides both an overall score level and individual section scores. Overall score levels range from 1–6 and are accompanied by overall performance descriptors. The Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension section scores range from 140–160. The Speaking and Writing section scores range from 0–16; these scores are linked to the rubrics used to score Speaking or Writing tasks to help you better understand the meaning of your scores. Section scores are accompanied by section performance descriptors.

The table below shows the TOEFL Junior Comprehensive scores for each section:

Sections Scale Scores
Reading Comprehension 140–160
Listening Comprehension 140–160
Speaking 0–16
Writing 0–16

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