Numerical Reasoning Cognitive Ability Tests

Number Chains Test

A measure of fluid intelligence (Gf) that examines problem solving ability and numerical fluency at an elementary level.

Number Patterns Test

A measure of fluid intelligence (Gf) that examines general reasoning skills and numerical fluency.

Equations Test

A measure of mathematical equation problem-solving.

  • These tests measure Quantitative knowledge (Gq) which is defined as the breadth and depth of a candidate’s acquired store of declarative and procedural quantitative or numerical knowledge. They are also tests of Fluid reasoning (Gf). These pre-employment tests are good choices for roles that involve working with numbers or data or even schedules.
  • Because they are also tests of Fluid reasoning (Gf), they are defined by requiring a candidate to use deliberate and controlled mental operations, often in a flexible manner, and to solve novel problems that cannot be performed automatically.
  • Mental operations often include drawing inferences, concept formation, classification, generalisation, generating and testing hypothesis, identifying relations, comprehending implications, problem solving, extrapolating, and transforming information.
  • Numerical reasoning tests are used extensively in pre-employment testing regimes. They are an extremely useful type of psychometric test that measures cognitive ability and potential.