Recruitment Process

07 May 2012

Streamline your recruitment process to attract top talent!

A recent survey has shown that 79% of job applicants lose interest in a job when faced with a long recruitment process and 45% have withdrawn their application because they didn’t like the interviewer.

This is consistent with the experience of James Nicholson, managing director of the professional recruitment consultancy Robert Walters. Nicholson said he has consistently observed that the organisations that are slow to make decisions or fail to properly sell the role have difficulty attracting  the best talent available. A streamlined recruitment process is critical.

More than 3/4  of respondents believed that a full recruitment process should take less than one month.

It isn’t always easy to find ways to streamline your recruitment process and it definitely isn’t easy to choose interviewers who are likely to make a good impression on every job applicant.  A good place to start is to incorporate psychometric testing into the mix.

The advantages of psychometric testing are numerous:

  • They provide objective information about candidates – without influence of personal opinions or the relationship between the interviewer and interviewee
  • They help identify the most suitable candidates early in the process, thereby reducing time and money spent on evaluating unsuitable candidates
  • They are quick – usually taking less than an hour to complete, depending on the tests conducted
  • They can measure a wide range of work-related skills, attitudes and behaviours

The advantages of using RightPeople are also numerous:

  • RightPeople has a wide variety of tests measuring cognitive ability, work-related skills, behavioural styles, attitudes and safety behaviours
  • RightPeople use assessment tools that are research-based and tried and tested in leading organisations to ensure accuracy of results
  • Testing is available for all levels of staff from executives through to semi-skilled workers
  • Our reports are purposely designed to provide practical information so that an individual’s strengths and weaknesses can be identified easily and quickly
  • We have a short turn-around time which can be negotiated with your organisation to ensure that you receive the report in a timely manner

Make sure your recruitment process isn’t turning off talent.  Contact us to find out more about psychometric testing today.

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